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Europa is the European Union’s web portal, designed to be as user-friendly as possible in line with the EU institutions' commitment to openness. It is a crucial tool for informing citizens about EU policies, legislation, their rights, employment opportunities and many other things that affect their daily lives. Citizens often contact Europe Direct Information Centres with questions, requests and sometimes complaints. Here you will find quick links to relevant information available on Europa.

Within the How the EU works section of Europa, you will find links to the three main European Institutions:

You will also find links to other European institutions and bodies:

Other related links on European governance

Working for the EU

There is plenty of information for citizens interested in working for the EU institutions:

EU citizens can find out about their rights from the DG Justice’s Citizenship portal. Here you will find information on:

The Your Europe portal provides clear, concise and easily navigable information on a number of major issues that directly affect citizens:

Citizens frequently ask EDICs questions about looking for work abroad, youth mobility and air passenger rights.

Working abroad

Europa has links to:

Youth mobility

Europa has links to:

Travel and passenger rights

Europa has links to:

Europa not only aims to inform, but it also sets out to engage and to be as interactive as possible. Citizens can:

European Year of Citizens 2013

A European Year of Citizens 2013 website has been launched; here you will find:

European Citizens' Initiative

The European Citizens' Initiative enables 1 million EU citizens to participate directly in the development of Union policies by calling on the European Commission to make a legislative proposal. Here you will find:

Other useful links

The Your Europe portal also has a dedicated section designed to help European business flourish. Topics covered include:

  • Starting up: here you will find links to legislation relevant to start-ups, along with points of contact for information and help;
  • Managing: information on accounts, taxes, recruiting and supervising staff;
  • Expanding: tips about forming partnerships and opening branches across the EU and beyond;
  • EU market: European rules on goods, services and competition;
  • Research & Innovation: information on EU investment in research and intellectual property;
  • Finance and support: find out how to access finance and business support;
  • Exit strategy: all you need to know about selling on, winding up and bankruptcy.

Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network helps small companies make the most of the Single Market. Here you will find:

You will also find information about how the network can help companies:

Tenders, funding and grants

Solvit is also there to resolve any problems in the Internal Market.

Latest news and media resources can be found in the Commission newsroom.

Here you will find:

The Commission also has a dedicated YouTube channel called EUTube.

A comprehensive list of newsletter services provided by the Commission and other EU institutions can be found here.

Of course, you can also contact Europe Direct with any general questions about the EU.